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OUR STORY; Sue and Ben (#SuBen 2016). We met at a friends beach party in 2014 (but I was in a relationship and he was also seeing someone) and he did not say one word to me.


I kinda liked him instantly. His bestie happened to be the boyfriend of a close colleague at work so when I asked about him,she told me he was seeing someone. Unknown to me,he did same and was wrongfully told I was dating the celebrant which wasn’t true.

Fast forward to August 24th 2015,.I was on phone with his bestie who had become my paddy and I just asked after his handsome friend from the previous year at the beach,.at that time we were both single and it’s safe to say the rest is history.

We got engaged on my birthday May 2016 and had our igbankwu in December and I must confess it has been my best decision yet. He has come to mean the whole world to me and I pray our love lasts forever.



Makeup: Kristabelmakeovers

Photography : Gripz Photography

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