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Catching up with Susan -Issue 1



What up.

Hey guys, welcome to the first feature of our catching up with Susan newsletter. In piecemeal you will be getting updates on the latest igba nkwu trends, with major highlights.

And to be honest i am really glad you are reading this. I am glad because we get to share our personal opinions on igba nkwu trend.

So let’s introduce igba nkwu

Igba Nkwu Nwanyi (wine carrying), Ibu Nkwu Nwanyi or Ihe Nrisa is a traditional marriage ceremony predominantly with the Igbo culture. It is actually the last stage in the Igbo traditional marriage rituals. The traditional marriage ritual consist of four stages

  • Introduction & Search (Ikwu aka & Iju ese)
  • Introduction to the kinsmen
  • Provision of items on the list & Payment of bride price (Ime ego/Nme Nkaleshi)
  • Ceremony (Igba nkwu nwanyi/ Mmanya ukwu)

How ritual steps are executed is totally at the discretion of both families. It may take two to four different visit pending on their understanding.

The ceremony displays the richness of the Igbo heritage. A lot of transformation and reformation has gone into the igba nkwu ceremony and in recent times glam and glitz have been put into it. It stands to be the most colorful wedding ceremony now in Nigeria.

“The last stage of the ceremony seems to be all about her”

I will not be out of place to say the bride dominates the ‘ceremony’ part of the marriage ritual. The bride’s involvement in the first three aspects are  not obvious, probably why the last stage of the ceremony seems to be all about her.

In the past, the last two aspects of the Igbo traditional marriage are combined and executed on the same day.This resulted in ceremonies extending into the night time and forcing items on the program of event to be conclude in a haste. In other to create more time, the separation of the two items become inevitable.

Trending now is the separation of the two (payment of bride price and ceremony). Glam and glitz have been added resonating into an event packed with lots of interesting items enlisted in the programs. The Provision of items on the list & Payment of bride price (Ime ego/Nme Nkaleshi) is now held a day before the ceremony.

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The program of the events starts with the introduction of people in the high table and chairman of the event. The event is then opened by the chairman and the mother of the bride is asked to come welcome her guest. The bride comes out next to formally welcome her guest and in-laws.

She changes two to three times and is accompanied by friends and relations (female) also referred to as maidens. This is when her beauty, style and personality is displayed to the general public.

Shortly after the first or second outing, she would be called out by her parents to identify and present her husband from the crowd. This she does with a glass of wine (usually the palm wine) and it is the pinnacle of the event. When she finds her husband,she hands over the cup to him of which he is expected to drink and replace its content with some money bills. They both dance to her parents to receive parental blessings. Merriment begins, the couple dance followed by cutting of the cake and refreshments served to guest. These all depend on value and local culture of the bride’s clan where the event is held, which is usually her home town or fathers compound as the case may be.






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