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Catching Up With Susan – Issue 2

Hey Guys!

I am glad to be here again and I hope you enjoyed our last piece.


Today, we shall be looking at how to give your Igba-Nkwu wedding ceremony a fab look and leave it on the lips of many for a long time. I hope you will enjoy every bit of this week treatise on ‘catching up with Susan’.


Have you ever wondered why some recent Igba-Nkwu ceremonies/ traditional weddings appear flawless and exceptionally out of this world, while other appears wishy- washy?


Beyond the fact that those glamorous traditional weddings were organized by professional planners, it is pertinent to unveil and emphasize on the secret behind them.

Our focus today is on the DIY brides organizing their traditional wedding themselves

Every great wedding should have a theme, and every professional wedding planner works with a theme.  Our focus today is on the DIY brides organizing their traditional wedding themselves. You may feel it is not necessary for an Igba -Nkwu ceremony, unless you want the wedding to look very ordinary or worst still, wishy- washy; you may have to reconsider.


Most bride copy other people wedding without knowing the inspiration or have knowledge of the theme behind it. Sometimes they are able to successfully pull it off but in many occasions, they turn out tacky.


A theme reflects the style and personality of the celebrant. It makes the planning of the event more focused and directional. A traditional wedding with a theme can be detected in the harmony of the colours – invitation cards, venue decoration, cake designs, bride and groom’s attires.

I would suggest you allow your personal style and value to guide you

I am not asking you to visit the internet and use all the ‘oyinbo’ themes that are out there. Besides, they are white wedding related and suitable. I would suggest you allow your personal style and value to guide you.


If you are going to use a theme, make it work. Reflect on colours that are associated with that personality and value. For example, in a royal theme wedding, we expect to see colours associated with royalty in display. Colours like Red, Bright blue and purple (and of course gold) can be played with to give your ceremony a luxury look. Some personal values associated with this theme include nobility, luxury, power, and ambition.

Invitation cards by @allabrideneeds
Venue by @_pixievents
Cake by @dripplescakes


Where you are not sure of a theme or décor, we are here to help. We have been able to design themes that are tailored toward Igba-Nkwu which will be incorporated into every part of the ceremony using interesting and astonishing decors to pull it off.

Contact IgbankwuNigeria for your wedding planning

With a wedding theme in mind, start thinking about all the ways you can incorporate it from attire to the ceremony details.


Trust you enjoyed your reading and we will like to hear from you. Drop a comment, chat us up on our social media platforms. Stay turned and be inspired!

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Jacob Skweres
16 July, 2017 4 years ago

Great read.

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