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Catching Up with Susan – Issue 6



Hey guys,

We are happy to be here again even as we share with you some few reasons couples become financially weak shortly after their igba nkwu or few years into their marriage.

It is no longer a strange incident to see couples who were fairly financial healthy becoming ‘broke’ shortly after their igba nkwu wedding ceremony or few years into their marriage life. While some blame this incidence on their bride (or wife) accusing them of ill-luck; others some see it from the angle of spiritual forces accusing witches and wizard in their villages. While we are not ignorant of evil powers and the activities of the principalities; we also strongly believe on fundamental principle of wealth creation.

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The two worst enemies of prosperity, personal fulfillment and success are poor propensity to save and to invest. According to Aristotle, ‘All advancement in the society begins with the development of the character of the young.’ In the words of Bruce Lee, education gives power, but character bring you respect.  The reason most people have financial challenge after marriage is not low earnings or because expenses are growing faster than earnings.  It is because of lack of good savings culture. Very few people begin life with many advantages. This then means large population must develop great sense of self-discipline to grow into the pinnacle of success.

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The fundamental mistakes most couples make is that, they carry over their dating habit into marriage. We are not against post marital life pleasure and enjoyment like hanging out and socializing – No, not at all. The purpose of this article is not to condemn people practicing this habit but to draw their attention to the fact that, enjoyment = money.

Another reason couples sink into recession shortly after marriage is because they equate happiness to spending money. They go shopping, procuring a lot of things including the ones they do not need simply because they want to show a lot of love to each other. This is good but does not help your finances.

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To therefore stay financially healthy after your igba nkwu and for lifetime, we advise you develop good self-control over frivolous spending, and self mastery. Associate happiness with savings and resolve to save throughout your lifetime. Remember the law of accumulation which says ‘every great achievement is an accumulation of many small achievements.’

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In conclusion, couples must immediately adjust their lifestyle to incorporate savings and reduced the way they spend money on each other as evidence of happiness and love. Pursuing income growth does not guarantee financial independence because of the Parkinson’s Law which says ‘your expenditure would naturally catch-up with your income no matter how much you earn today if you don’t save.’ So, make savings an attitude from today.


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