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Catching Up with Susan – Issue 8


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Trust you had a wonderful reading time last week. This week we shall quickly and briefly look at Evil People in Igba Nkwu

A lot has been going on in our communities in recent time, the challenges associated with getting married is no longer a fallacy. People have a lot to say about the challenges they encounter before and during marriage. Once it is announced that a young lady is about to get married, believe it or not the news is welcomed with mixed feelings. While some will be genuinely happy and excited, others are filled with jealousy and hate. Some are able to express the jealousy and hate verbally or by their actions while majority pretend to be happy but are consumed with it on the inside. In that note I will not be out of place to ask how spiritually prepared are you for your marriage.
I am pretty sure if the battle was physical, some of you will be able to give that jealous uncle, aunt, neighbor, friend or cousin the beating of a lifetime. And for the rest of us who are not so strong physically could just hire someone to do the beating for us (Laughs out loud). But seriously, the battle is spiritual.

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Believe me or not. It’s no coincidence that a lady had been “taken home to meet the groom’s parent” five times on different occasions and still unmarried, all with one flimsy excuse or the other. Or she is in a life threatening situation sustained from an accident days before her wedding meanwhile the impact or whatever caused the accident is just mild. I can go on and on, the stories are endless.
Some even happen on the day of the wedding, just like in the video that went viral (a wedding guest who rubbed the tummy of a bride and the bride remained childless until the incident was discovered in her wedding video). It is not a new thing now that at Igba nkwu ceremonies people are warned by the MC not to spray money on the face of the couple. Some people go as far as exchanging the drink the husband finally drinks as soon as the bride finds him.
Even the Bible says“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”___[ Ephesians 6:12 KJV ]

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Besides evil people and spiritual forces, some of us are our own demons. For example, some fail to express romantic and sexual intimacy during marriage. They are unable to change and adapt personal habits, perspectives, attitudes and the like in order to show love and concern to others. Some are insensitive and have no empathy toward the needs, hurts, and desires of others, the ability to see them from someone else’s perspective. They are not willing to work through problems (problem solving desires and skills) with others rather they see their self as the victim and the other person as the perpetrator. They do not compromise (a decision that reflects both persons’ concerns) and come to a consensus with another person in decision-making. Some are unable to control their emotions (emotional stability) and direct them according to what is appropriate. They don’t communicate honestly and openly about their thoughts, attitudes, feelings, etc. Some can’t even come to a wise decision, make a commitment and take the responsibility necessary to fulfill that commitment. They are not willing to lay aside their desires and wants and seek to fulfill the desires and wants of another (humility and sacrifice) when it is for their benefit. While others are over dependent on people to be joyful and happy.

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People even get married to the wrong person and for the wrong reasons such as:
1. To escape “deep loneliness” so that you are willing to marry “anyone within reason” that will have you
2. To escape an unhappy home life or get back at your parents
3. To make you feel good about yourself and/or make you happy
4. To help your fiancée straighten out his/her life or rescue him/her from a bad situation
5. Fear of being left out when everyone else is getting married
6. Fear of independence, of being on your own
7. Fear of hurting the other person if you break up
8. Pregnancy or premarital sex.
9. Fear of all the negative consequences that you would endure if you call off the wedding (once you are engaged).

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Having said that, it is pertinent that we take our spiritual life serious, in other to overcome this evil that will want to interfere in the will of God for your life. I know some people don’t even have a prayer life, let alone a relationship with God. What I have mentioned above is no joke, the grace of God is sufficient for many, yet some have more grace than others and are able to go through theirs with no stress and stories. Not because they are more righteous or lucky! But because the grace of God have sustained them and seen them through.
How much of that grace is on you? Well, we are not sure, but by maintaining a level of spiritual life and relationship with God, we can attract as much as will be more than sufficient for us.


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