Igba Nkwu Angel na Valentine

Meet Our Bride:

My name is Angel Okorondu from Imo State.


The Groom

Valentine Obichigha, hails from Anambra State.


How we met:

We meet at a bank and became friends. From then we fell in love.

Their relationship was just five months before the proposal


How he proposed:

He proposed at Abakaliki in a restaurant. He arrange with few of my friends and his friends. It was a surprise package.

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Their traditional marriage ceremony (Igba Nkwu Ceremony) held on the 15 of July 2017 at Mr & Mrs Chukwudi’s compound Ideato South Local Government of Imo State

Despite the rain, the couple still savored every moment of their event. It was indeed a beautiful and memorable day at Ideato.



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