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Oge and Oyeka  met while studying in the university.

“I think he was in 200 level at that time ,we were introduced by a close friend of mine, we became good friends for about 4 years. Then dated for another 4 years after school.

He proposed last year 18th of December 2016. It was a funny day that started with a quarrel, I never knew ‘nigga’ had other plans. I woke up as a girlfriend on that day who had this boyfriend she was so in-love with. I was happy that morning and so was he, suddenly he decided to go out and wouldn’t tell me where… I went bonkers, ‘when did that one start’ was all I was screaming.

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He said noting and left the house with a straight face, OMG I felt like killing him. I called my closest friend Sharon on phone and told her how Oyeka was getting on my last nerves but being his number one fan, she kept supporting him. She asked me to calm down and all that, reassuring me of his love for me. Then I realized it was futile talking to her about it nor making her get on my side. I never knew she was part of the plan, Sharon actually knew i was getting engaged that day. Their plan was for him to get me angry while Sharon plays the ‘Good Friend’.

I tried calling him but he kept rejecting my calls, I was so mad and pissed off. What was he up to this Sunday morning? why was he trying to ruin my day? How did we get here? So many questions just kept popping up while i kept calling his phone.

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When he finally he picked, the following conversation transpired:

Oyeka: Baby calm down.

Oge: Who are you calling baby?

Oge: Where you dey? Hmmmmmmmmm don’t start this oh…


Oge: (Angrily) you are now taking me for granted baa Oyeka and you are laughing, KEEP IT UP! (…cuts the call)

I had made up my mind to show him the other side of me when he comes back. He came back and i demanded to know his where about, he said he went to get nail cutter for his dog ‘Conel’. This got me really pissed and suspicious, I couldn’t accept such a flimsy excuse due to his approach and the length of his stay outside. You mean to tell me you left the house since morning without telling me where you were going to, only to come back with a nail cutter???Hmmmmmmmmm well done Oyeka, well done!

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Well we moved on, later that day i got a call from his friend ‘Scatter’ who had promised me pizza and Coldstone ice cream since 19kokolo. He opted to take us out, it felt like a breath of fresh air after all that happen that day so i agreed. On telling him about it, he said he was going to the dry cleaner and from there to his friend’s house. That i could go with Scatter, he will come and meet us there when he is done that is if we are still there.

At this point i was tired of fighting, it was obvious he meant to ruin my day. I just told him to go i beg, where ever he felt like going i just didn’t care anymore. Scatter called a few hours later and said he was getting close to the house, I jumped off the bed, went to the wardrobe brought out my best jeans and blouse, went to my shoe rack got a white shoe. All these preparation was to spite him, i intended to slay to go and lick ice cream.

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On my way out with Scatter, i called Sharon and told her i am going to deal with Oyeka today. I’m going to slay to go lick ice cream with Scatter and she started screaming ‘Yes girl, please slay baby!!!”…. Only for me to me ambushed at Coldstone with a sweet sign “WILL U MARRY ME  OGE”. I was grinning like goat the whole time, i couldn’t even say Yes (but trust me, the happy trumpets in my heart was louder than the world loudest Oprah singer).” ___Oge.

On the 7th of October 2017  at late Engr Samuel and Mrs Ngozi Okekemba’s compound in Enugu-ukwu Urueokwe village their Igba-nkwu ceremony held.

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