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Meet the bride:
Igbochuba Cynthia Onyinyechi, is a 2nd child of five children, a civil servant and caterer. Her career spans in banking (Gtb), reintegration, she is currently a risk manager in NPA and  snr partner @gi.catering. She resides in Lagos.
The Groom:
Abimaje Ojonugwa Joseph, is the 4th child of six children. Hails from kogi state, Igala by tribe. He is a marketing mgr with Nominobro Energy Assurance.
How did you meet?
“I’ve known Joe since 2013, I see him in church all the time but I always assumed he was married because he had the demeanor of a married man. Fast forward to 2016, our meeting was spiritual, his church COZA Abuja declared a 7 days fast (7 days of glory) and his prayer point was for a life partner. On the last day of the prayer, a friend introduced us informally (reason he calls me his miracle). He was literally bombarding me with phone calls, Facebook messages etc. He eventually flew down to Lagos to see me, coincidentally it was my birthday, as a sharp guy, he used that opportunity to wow me.”____Igbochuba Cynthia Onyinyechi.
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How did he propose?
“Our relationship was one year and few months before he proposed. He proposed at albasha restaurant in maitama, Abuja. I visited Abuja and he asked me to invite my friends to church. Later that day he told me his HOD in church wants to have dinner with us, that it’s a tradition in COZA, he now said he was going to invite one if my friends Ivy so I don’t feel uncomfortable. I got there and didn’t see his HOD instead I saw two of his friends from church and my friend Ivy. I’m a smart person but I didn’t figure this one out because he knew that church related story was the only way he could pull off something like this.
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So we ate, gisted and suddenly he started giving some sort of speech, he’s usually not that much of a talker, I was surprised that he was openly talking about us, then it hit me!  This brother in the Lord is about to propose. Then went on his kneels (u would think he was sitting, he’s that tall) and said MM (my miracle)  please marry me, my emotions were all over the place, I said yes.”_____Igbochuba Cynthia Onyinyechi.
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Their traditional marriage ceremony held in Abba, Nwangelle LGA, Imo state in the 4th of November, 2017.
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Outfit (blouse and wrapper)  @jbliving
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21 November, 2017 4 years ago

Wow, i know the couple, the bride is like my big sister. She is such a warm and sweet person, her husband is a cool guy. congrats to them.

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