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Meet our couple:
Groom: Asuquo Duke and Bride: Chimamaka Chibuike  met in Church @ the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Festac town parish in 2014 and started dating in 2015.
Their traditional wedding held in Orlu, Imo state on 24th November, 2017, It was a rich blend of both the Igbo and the Efik culture.
The groom hails from Cross river state and his culture was richly displayed in their third and final outfit. Family and friends where there to celebrate with them.
Their Proposal Story
“On the 22nd of May, 2017 at exactly 9:15pm, I was still at the office, swamped with so much work when Asuquo Duke showed up at my office!  I wasn’t expecting him but I’m pleasantly surprised! (Anything to take my mind off work even for a few minutes). He told me he wants to take me out(he’d been saying it for almost a week and we didn’t go anywhere because I always insisted it wasn’t necessary. Yeah, I’m that kind of lady who would rather spend 5k on a pot of good soup and watch a movie at home all cuddled up than going out to spend 1k!
So that night, he insisted we must go out! I looked at the clock and exclaimed “its late baby! What eatery would be open at this time of the night?” He replied “The Place…they’re open till 10”. I was reluctant for two reasons:
1) He’s just coming back from work (and i was concerned he was tired and hungry) and haven’t even gotten home to rest or take a shower…(he works at SangoTedo and lives in Festac).
2. I just cooked a pot of amazing stew and steamed okro at my place that afternoon before leaving for work and was really looking forward to eating it that night and going out meant I’d have to postpone my meal to the next day….lol.
Eventually, I round up from work at 9:35 (I told him I still had a lot to do and he said he’d wait) and we left the office. Halfway, he changed his mind with the excuse that he didn’t want us to go there and rush our meal. He would want us to take our time and spend at least an hour there.
I didn’t know what was going on…he postponed the eat out to Saturday and I agreed…I mean its way better as none of us work on Saturday.
Having cancelled the dinner date and I was sure he didn’t have anything to eat that night, I invited him over to my house to have dinner with me and he agreed.
We got home, and we ate!! He loved the meal and kept asking me to request anything and it’ll be mine. I just laughed… Jokingly, I told him I wanted us to get married when his brother visits next and he said ” Done”! I didn’t expect that answer so I just laughed it off….(I think I laugh a lot).
Dinner done, I took the plates to the kitchen and started washing them when suddenly he screamed “Inem” (that’s what we call each other) with such distress in his voice! I ran out of the kitchen to the parlor and in less than 5 seconds, I had imagined the worst! Was he having a heart attack? Did he fall? Is he in pains? I got to the parlor and he’s just standing there…I frowned. “What is it? Why did you call me like that? Is everything OK?” I demanded. But he didn’t respond, instead he kept advancing towards me. “Inem, are you alright?” I asked. “I’m fine” he responded. “You scared me…don’t ever do that again. Are you sure you’re OK?” I kept saying. “I’m fine baby” he responded again and then he stood right in front of me and added “I called your boss today and he told me that…..” He stopped and looked at the floor, refusing to make eye contact with me. Perhaps to stop me from knowing he was hiding something.
I am agitated and worried at the same time. What about my boss? Am I about to lose my job? But I haven’t done anything wrong. I mustered courage and told him “go on”. He looked at me and smiled… “What’s funny?”, I asked. ” What did my boss say”. “Nothing” he replied and hugged me. I kept wondering why he was acting weird. Meanwhile, his hands were behind him all along and I was wondering what he had in them.(lol…my detective nature never allows him successfully surprise me; but it failed me that night).
When he hugged me, I didn’t feel anything behind me so I waved off the thought that he was holding something. Still in the hugging position I asked him “Inem, is everything OK?” And he said yes. He broke off the hug and added “shebi I’ve always told you that I’m gonna marry you one day?”… I chuckled and said ” yeah…till then”. Before I could say jack, he was on one knee. I started laughing (again). I told him to stand up jor…it wasn’t the first time he’d gone down on one knee…perhaps that’s why I thought he was joking. But this time around he refuses to get up.
I kept nudging him “what are you doing stand up jor” but instead he holds up a ring box and suddenly my head goes blank for seconds… I couldn’t see anything except a red color stuff that kept shining in my eyes (the cushion on which the ring sat: I didn’t know what it was at the moment cos my vision was blurry.)
I squealed… Screamed and he calmly and nicely asked “Chimamaka Chibuike, will you please marry me?” I screamed “Yes! Yes!! Yes baby!!! I will”_____Chimamaka Chibuike.
First outfit is the cream colored dress, second outfit is the red and the third/last outfit is the Efik Attire.
Vendor information:
Make up: @CapitalDiva
Photography and Video coverage: @Visioinspiron
Event planner/ coordinator: @cuboidevents
Beaded asoke: Bride @guapisimo_designs

2 thoughts on “Igba-Nkwu Chimamaka nah Duke

29 November, 2017 4 years ago

Wow! Congrats yo you both
Happy HML, God bless you both.

29 November, 2017 4 years ago

Wow! Congrats to you both
Happy HML, God bless you both.

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