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Hey guys, welcome to another series of  catching up with Susan newsletter.

I am happy to be here again. I sincerely apologize for the long break which was due to high demands and preoccupying need to always delight our clients and Brides-To-Be.


In the course of planning Igba nkwu for my clients and Bride-To-Be, I observed a growing trend in the use of live band music. In this piece therefore, we shall be discussing a few things you should know and consider before using Live Band Music for your Igbankwu ceremony.

Listening to live music during Igbankwu ceremony comes with a lot of joy. First and foremost, the singers and live band music group give you the opportunity to experience direct communication which usually spark great feedback loop and make the performance very much interesting.

Research has it that, listening to live music addresses anxiety and also reduces cortisol (i.e. stress hormone) in the body which ultimately boosts your physical outlook. Listening to your favorite singers or bands perform helps you reflect on your life.

Often, it reminds you of your life experience on the first day you heard the song. It helps to draw your attention away from things that are less important or flimsy issues happening around the wedding venue.


Now what are the odds of live music

The greatest challenge with the use of live music or band for a wedding is that, most of the singers or band groups sing for limited time duration. Most singers or live band musicians perform for a maximum of 3 – 5 hours including break time. This performing hour even depend on the singers/Bands and number of songs albums they have released over the years.

Another limitation is absence of song variety. The singers/Band sings only their songs and nothing more. And most of them have limited hit songs. What move guests to the dancing floor is when they hear variety of songs. The more everyone hear their favorite songs play, the more they celebrate and dance on the floor with their friends and family. Live Music does not guarantee this.

In conclusion, it is therefore very critical that knowledgeable couples understand the Joy and cons of using Live Bands or Singers. Music is the backbone of any wedding event.

Live music could Make or Mar the wedding ceremony especially at the reception. When selecting live singer or band group for your Igbankwu wedding, kindly ensure you go for singer(s) that have track record of hit songs that can pull guests to the dancing floor.

Experience has shown that, the volume of cash gifts you receive depend largely on the type of music played on your wedding day.


Photo Source: Google picture, gaffmultimedia,@jesseonlensfotografi , @jopstudios 





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