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Kelechi got traditionally hitched to her king Donclef #Donclef2018 

It was one traditional wedding that can not be forgotten in a hurry! What a way to start up 2018, with grand style.

They swayed us with their elegant pre-wedding shoot

Makeup by: @tintsmakeover
Bridal Dress: @lindys_wardrobe
Groom Dress: @valtimoore_klothing

Photography: astralstudios


Their traditional wedding how ever kept eyes poping and the event will not leave the lips of people in a hurry.

Her makeup and outfit were on point and YES it rained money…..


And to top it up, our beautiful bride was gifted a car by her hubby.


Photo 1: @astralstudios

Photo 2: @kene_nnamoko
MUO: jojostouch
Bridal Dress: @lindys_wardrobe
Groom Dress: @Valtimoore_klothing
Lashes: @riakulashes
Glow/Liner: @fbhcosmetics
Eyeshadow: @hushbeautyng
Powder: @zikelcosmetics

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